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Every Story Matters

A collage of people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Every Story Matters is your opportunity to help the UK COVID-19 Inquiry understand your experience of the pandemic.

The pandemic affected every single person in the UK and, in many cases, continues to have a lasting impact on lives. Every one of our experiences is unique and this is your opportunity to share the impact it had on you, and your life, with the Inquiry.

Every story shared with will be used to shape the Inquiry’s investigations and help us to learn lessons for the future. Stories will be collated, analysed and turned into themed reports, which will be submitted into each relevant investigation as evidence. The reports will be anonymised.

How to get involved

Anyone can take part in every story matters by sharing their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online form at, which is accessible in both English and Welsh, is the main method of responding to the inquiry, you can also share this with your contacts to ensure as many people as possible get involved.

Accessible ways to get involved

The following accessible options are available from the Inquiry directly. Individuals can email or write to FREEPOST, UK COVID-19 Public Inquiry:

  1. Paper form
  2. Easy read
  3. Braille
  4. British sign language
  5. Other languages
  6. Telephone and language line: available late summer
  7. Community listening events – due to take place nationwide later this year

For more information and to fill in the online form, please visit