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Trust Board

The establishment and effective operation of Board Committees within the Trust forms a key component of the organisations governance and assurance framework. The Board is committed to openness and transparency in the conduct of all its business. 



In the board briefing on 9 July 2020, the Board informally discussed the principles of a new committee structure.  A review of the committees and a benchmarking exercise was undertaken earlier this year with NHS Wales Health Boards and Trusts.

It was agreed in the Trust Board meeting held on 24 September to move to a five committee model, the committee model for the Trust will be operational from October and will see the move to a five committee model.

The Board Committees of Velindre University NHS Trust effective from 1 October are listed below:

  • Trust Quality & Performance Committee (Bi-monthly)
  • Trust Strategic & Development Committee (Bi-monthly)
  • Audit Committee (Quarterly)
  • Remuneration Committee (Bi-monthly)
  • Charitable funds Committee

If you have any problems accessing these pages or wish to request a welsh translation of a committee Agenda and Minutes.

Please email your request directly to stating the issues and or committee title and the specific date of the meeting.

** dates of meetings may be subject to change.

Each Committee is required to complete Committee Annual Reports on annual basis, reporting on activity for the previous calendar / financial year. The latest Committee Annual Reports for the 2019 period are included below: