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Strategic Goal 2


An Internationally Renowned Provider of Exceptional Clinical Services That Always Meet and Routinely Exceed Expectations


Watch Jacinta Abraham, Executive Medical Director, explain this strategic goal...


Our objectives are to:

  • Achieve nationally and internationally recognised standards of care which keep pace with emerging evidence

  • Be a trusted and influential partner across Wales to deliver great local health services which meet the needs of the public

  • Become a ‘Centre for Excellence’ and leading provider across the UK for the highly specialist services we deliver

  • Become a system leader in our areas of expertise nationally and internationally

  • Identify a range of new services that the Trust could deliver to improve quality, experience and outcomes across Wales

We will achieve these by:

  • Delivering services which comply with all statutory and professional standards

  • Implementing the National Clinical Framework to continuously improve the quality, experience and outcomes of the services we provide

  • Implementing our patient,donor, and citizen engagement strategy to continuously hear what people need and what they value from our services

  • Co-designing models of care in partnership with people from all parts of the community, with the aim of improving access to our services and providing care at home or close to home wherever appropriate and desired

  • Working with the community and our partners to reduce inequalities in healthcare

  • Rapidly adopting evidence-based research outcomes which improve patient and donor quality, safety and experience of care

  • Developing and implementing our clinical and scientific strategies which will set out what services we will deliver over the next ten years; focusing our offer on delivering services that we believe we can truly become leading experts in

  • Agreeing with our Local Health Board partners and the Welsh Government the system leadership roles we will undertake to maximise the value we can add for our patients, donors and partners

  • Working with the Welsh Government and other partners to plan, fund and deliver world class buildings, facilities and technology for patients, donors and staff

  • Benchmarking our performance nationally and internationally to see how we perform against our peers and to identify learning and improvement areas