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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy takes a holistic approach to assess and treat an individual’s difficulty with engaging in daily activities resulting from their illness.



This may include:

  • Difficulties carrying out everyday activities such as getting washed, dressed, getting in and out of the bath or shower, on and off furniture, household tasks or work related activities.
  • Extreme tiredness (fatigue) and anxiety.

Many people who are faced with a cancer diagnosis report limitations in carrying out activities of daily living which can contribute to a reduction in quality of life. These limitations in function may be due to the cancer itself, but many are a result of treatment-related side effects.

We aim to help people achieve independence and promote quality of life through participation in activities. We work in partnership with people to identify therapeutic goals that are aimed at enhancing their ability to do the things they want or need to do. We may show you different strategies or techniques to help manage these activities safely and can also provide assistive equipment if needed to make things easier.

These interventions aim to ensure people are safe and supported to be discharged from hospital.

These may include:

  • Carrying out an initial assessment to identify any difficulties in daily activities.
  • Providing advice and strategies to help with managing physical symptoms like fatigue and pain. For example, providing strategies and tips to enable someone to cook for their family again following cancer related fatigue.
  • Giving advice and coping strategies to help with psychological and cognitive difficulties such as anxiety, body image, low mood.
  • Providing advice on equipment/ adaptation of activities or your home environment to ease your ability to engage in activities such as wheelchairs.
  • Liaising and contacting your local services to ensure further support if required once at home.
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