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Committees of the Board

The Trust has established a range of committees, chaired by Independent Members of the Trust Board, that have key roles in relation to the Governance and Assurance Framework and undertake on behalf of the Trust Board scrutiny, development discussions, an assessment of current risks and performance monitoring in relation to a wide spectrum of the Trust’s functions and its roles and responsibilities.
The committees provide regular reports to the Trust Board to contribute to its assessment of assurance.  There is also cross representation between Committees to support the connection between the business of key committees and also to seek to integrate assurance reporting.
Each of the committees submit from the Chair of the Committee an assurance report to each public meeting of the Trust Board (every two months), which outlines key risks and highlights areas of development.  Each committee also undertakes an annual assessment of effectiveness and produces an Annual Report for submission to the Trust Board.
The Committees, as well as reporting to the Trust Board, also work together on behalf of the Trust Board to ensure where required that cross reporting and consideration takes place and assurance and advice is provided to the Trust Board and the wider organisation.

Trust Organisation Chart as of June 2021