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Easy Read - Radiotherapy at Velindre hospital

Radiotherapy at Velindre hospital

You are having radiotherapy treatment for your cancer.  The treatment is to try and make you better.

Front of radiotherapy building

Easyread information about having radiotherapy at Velindre hospital.


Some of our radiographers These are the staff.


Radiation sign image Radiotherapy uses  x-rays to treat the part of your body that has cancer.


Linear Accelerator (LA) treatment machine A DXR treatment machine These are the machines that you may have your treatment on.


radiotherapy reception desk You will need to go to radiotherapy reception.


Radiotherapy waiting room We will ask you to wait until your name is called.


Patient talking with a radiographer Your radiographer will tell you what will happen.
Radiographer in treatment room with patient We will ask you to lie on a bed.
Linear Accelerator (LA) treatment machine You will be alone when you have treatment.
Radiographer at control panel The radiographers watch you.
Clock 1 time Clock 2 time Treatment is quick.
Audible sign image You will not feel anything. You will hear a buzz.
Music in treatment machine room You can bring your own music to listen to.
Patient getting off the treatment bed When the treatment is finished you can get off the bed.
Going home after radiotherapy treatment You can go home after your treatment.
Calendar image You need to come again for .... days.


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