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Hospital Transport

At times you might not feel well or able enough to make your way in for your appointment. In these circumstances, we can arrange transport. However, our transport service is for our most vulnerable patients and resources are limited. Please do not request transport if you don’t need it as inappropriate use could prevent other patients getting to their appointments.

Can I bring someone with me?
Our transport is for patients of Velindre, however in exceptional circumstances it may be possible for someone to travel with you.

How can I make a transport booking?
If you do require transport, there will be a telephone number on your first appointment letter that you will need to telephone to arrange transport. Please remember you must request transport each time you need it - if you book transport once, this does not mean transport is booked for every appointment. You will also be sent a transport leaflet that will tell you what to expect and provides contact details.

If you don't need us then please tell us on: 029 2031 6974

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Tel: 029 2061 5888