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Michele Pengelley - Specialist Nurse

This leaflet explains the role of the Specialist Nurse (Supportive Care), Michele Pengelly.  It will tell you what Michele can do for you and your family and how to contact her.

What is a Specialist Nurse?

Michele is a very experienced cancer nurse who has worked in cancer care for over 30 years and has specialist qualifications in cancer care.  She provides extra support for cancer patients and their families.  She is based mostly on the wards and day units at Velindre hospital but can also see you in radiotherapy or the outpatients departments.

How can I meet Michele?

You can contact Michele directly on the numbers or email below or please ask one of the hospital staff to contact Michele on your behalf.

What sort of support and help can Michele give?

There are many ways that Michele can support you and your family whilst you are in hospital.  For example:

  • She can offer time to listen if there are things you want to discuss and help you talk things through.
  • Michele has information and can signpost to services to support a parent / grandparent with cancer to explain cancer and its treatment s to children. She has written the “Caring for my family with cancer” children’s books to help a parent with a new diagnosis of cancer talk to their children about cancer and its treatments. You can contact Michele directly for a copy of the book 
  • She can give you any written information or websites that you may like.  This is so you have more information about your illness, its treatment and any future plans about your care.
  • She can help you talk through any information you may have already been given that you did not fully understand.
  • At your request she can arrange for you or your family to speak to your doctor or any other health professional, such as a social worker, welfare rights advisor, patient information manager.
  • Michele also works closely with the bereavement counsellor at City Hospice in Cardiff running a Children's bereavement group twice a year.

For more information contact the Supportive care team on

When will I be able to see Michele?

Michele normally works on the wards on the following days

  • Monday - 9:30 - 5:30
  • Tuesday - 4:30pm - 12:30am
  • Wednesday - 9:30 - 5:30
  • Thursday - 9:30 - 5:30
  • Friday - 9:30 - 5:30
  • Saturday - Off
  • Sunday - Off

What if Michele is not available?

There are times when Michele is not available.  The Supportive care team or Velindre switchboard will be able to check if she is available. The Supportive care team can be contacted and will meet with you if Michele is out of the hospital. It is important that if you have anything you need to urgently discuss you should speak to one of your nursing or medical teams. 

The Children’s Room

Michele is also responsible for looking after our children’s visiting room. This is a place where any patient who has a child or children visiting them can spend time together. 

This room is a lovely child-friendly area away from the main wards. It is booked for one family at a time. It has an indoor and outdoor play area, television, video, a play station games console and tea and coffee making facilities.  If you want to see the room one of your ward nurses will be glad to show it to you.

Contact telephone numbers

Michele Pengelly: 029 2061 5888
Ask for pager 226 or answerphone on extension 6452

Supportive Care Team email: