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Switch from Herceptin to Ontruzant (Trastuzumab)

Velindre Cancer Centre are replacing the use of intravenous Herceptin with a very similar treatment called Ontruzant. Ontuzant is being used to replace Herceptin across Wales. 

Therefore, patients currently receiving Herceptin will be given Ontruzant instead. 

Ontruzant and Herceptin are also known by the chemical or generic name of Trastuzumab. This means they are almost identical in their chemical formulation. They work in the same way and are equally effective treatments for your cancer. Ontruzant and Herceptin are made by different manufacturers.. 

Your oncology (cancer) doctor and team will discuss switching over from Herceptin to Ontruzant with you. 

Ontruzant may have slightly differing side-effects to Herceptin. 

The possible side-effects are described in the updated leaflet, Ontruzant and Herceptin (Trastuzumab).  

Your team should provide you with a copy of the leaflet, but please ask for a copy if you haven’t one. 

If you have any queries regarding receiving Ontruzant, please ask your team 

Date of publication : November 2018