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Strategic Goal 5


A Sustainable Organisation that Plays Its Part in Creating
a Better Future for People Across the Globe


Watch Carl James, Executive Director of Strategic Transformation, Planning & Digital, explain this strategic goal...


Our objectives are to:

  • Be recognised as a leading NHS Trust for sustainability nationally 

  • Become an anchor organisation in the communities we serve to enhance their economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being

  • Be a carbon ‘Net Zero’ NHS organisation by 2030

  • Support the transformation from ill-health to well-being across Wales

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing clinical service models which support sustainability e.g. more care at home

  • Implementing our sustainability strategy 

  • Applying the principles of the circular economy into our business processes through design, procurement, re-use and lifecycle 

  • Providing a comprehensive education and learning programme which provides staff, patients, donors and partners with learning opportunities to embed the 5 Ways of Working of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act and supports them to make positive behavioural changes (‘a little step every day’)

  • Implementing our carbon reduction plan which will see us achieve Net Zero and transition to renewable energy for our services and facilities

  • Investing in a range of refurbishments and new buildings which will support our carbon reduction and healthier buildings and healthier people approach. These include: 

    • major refurbishment of the Welsh Blood Service, Llantrisant site by 2026 

    • construction of a Radiotherapy Satellite Centre at Nevill Hall by 2024

    • construction of a new Velindre Cancer Centre by 2025/2026

  • Implementing an attractive approach to agile working for our staff which reduces avoidable travel, improves well-being and offers the potential to support money going into local communities 

  • Improving our offer for staff, donors and patients travelling to and from our facilities on foot, bike and public transport

  • Using our procurement activities and NHS Wales Shared Services capability to drive a sustainable approach, and achieve wider ethical and social value in areas including local employment and prosperity, carbon reduction, anti-slavery and unethical practices

  • Working with partners and the local community to identify ways in which we can deliver wider benefits and value to society through employment and apprenticeships, the use of our buildings and facilities as community assets (e.g. local schools and charity group using them, arts programmes), becoming an anchor institution in place making and procurement to maximise the reach of the Trust within the Governments Foundational Economy