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Strategic Goal 3


A beacon for research, development and innovation
in our states areas of priority


Watch Cath O'Brien, Chief Operating Officer, explain this strategic goal...


Our objectives are to:

  • Deliver world class research, development and innovation to improve tomorrow’s care

  • Accelerate the implementation of research and new discoveries to improve our patients’ and donors’ experiences and outcomes 

  • Prioritise research, development and innovation that is clinically relevant and patient and donor centred

  • Build a sustainable culture of multi-professional research, development and innovation involving the whole organisation

  • Publish and promote research of the highest quality which achieves UK and international recognition

We will achieve these by:

  • Implementing our research, development and innovation strategy which sets out a prioritised programme of work in cancer, blood and transplant services

  • Giving every donor, patient and carer access to the latest research

  • Advancing new treatments, interventions and care by increasing new studies locally: widening access to early phase/ solid tumour advanced therapies and integrating novel research into clinical studies

  • Building a culture of curiosity where research, development and innovation is an ‘Always Event’ involving all employees in the Trust, empowering the staff to challenge the status quo and make it better

  • Increasing the number of lead investigators and clinical academics within the Trust

  • Recruiting honorary entrepreneurs and academics whilst also developing intrapreneurs, with a flow of staff between our partner organisations on exchanges to attract and retain world class talent

  • Creating a cadre of blended professionals to promote knowledge exchange with an impact on the improvements of patient outcomes

  • Establishing exciting work programmes with our local health and academic partners at Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Swansea University, University of South Wales and Trinity St. David’s University

  • Increasing our research, development and innovation infrastructure to keep pace with our ambition. This will include:

    • the tripartite research hub with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Cardiff University

    • providing world class facilities via the Welsh Blood Service Infrastructure Programme, the new Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre@ research hubs at University Health Board partners and the Collaborative Centre for Learning and Innovation

    • developing the Library Service into a sustainable Trust-wide Evidence Centre

  • Generating reinvestment income through partnerships with industry for commercial research, development and innovation