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Easy Read - Side Effects

Side effects are things you might feel when having radiotherapy


Image of person tired in bed You may feel tired


Image of not being hungry You may not want to eat


Person who may have put weight ono Your weight may change


Person with a red and sore neck Your skin may get sore, red and itchy


Person feeling fed up You may feel fed up


Person with blistered neck You may get a painful blister


Selection of skin creams We may give you a cream to use on your skin


Man applying skin cream Your radiographer will tell you where to smooth it on


Man with a head-ache You may have a head-ache


Patient with some hair loss Your hair may fall out from the treated area


Image of a wig You can have a wig


Picture of a headscarf You can have a scarf


Man with an active cough You may cough


Person with difficulty breathing It may be harder to breathe


Patient with lump in gullet You may get a lump or pain in your gullet when you eat


Person with a dry mouth Your mouth may be dry


Person with sore throat It may be hard to swallow and your mouth and throat may get sore


Person feeling food not tasting right Your food may not taste right


Someone feeling sick You may feel sick


Person being sick after treatment You may be sick


Person with tummy pain You may have tummy pains


Diagram of someone going to pee It may burn to wee


Diagram of someone with diarrhoea You may have diarrhoea (watery poo)


Diagram of a flaccid penis For men, your penis may not get hard


Diagram of womens panty liner - stopped period For women, your periods may stop



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