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Easy Read - Radiotherapy scan at Velindre hospital

Radiotherapy scan at Velindre hospital

typical CT scanning machine

Easyread information about radiotherapy scans at Velindre hospital.


Ct scanning for radiotherapy You need to have a CT scan for your radiotherapy treatment.


Removing some clothes prior to CT scan You will take some clothes off.


CT scanner has a hard bed You will lie on a hard bed.


Adding pen marks to your skin We will draw pen marks on your skin to make sure you lie in the same place every day.


CT scan room on your own You will be on your own.


Image of a CT scanner  You won't feel anything.


Radiographer watching patient on CT scanner Your radiographers will be watching you.


Radiotherapy ink dot mark Your radiographers will put small black marks on your skin. They won’t wash off like the pen marks will.


Going home after radiotherapy treatment You can go home afterwards