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Macmillan Unit - Prince Charles Hospital

The Macmillan Cancer Unit in the Prince Charles Hospital supports the delivery of Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy (SACT) for patients receiving care under Velindre Cancer Centre.  The Macmillan Unit was built with the help of money raised by Macmillan Cancer Support and people in the local area, and supported by Cwm Taf Local Health Board and Velindre Cancer Centre.  It opened in June 2010.

The Macmillan Cancer Unit

The unit has a large open treatment area where patients will receive Systemic Anti Cancer Treatment (SACT) such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted treatments, and other medications. 

There is also an outpatient area where some Velindre consultants hold their outpatient clinics. Your team will discuss this with you further and inform you if your follow up appointments will be at VCC, PCH or an alternative location.

How do I find the unit?

Our address is:           Macmillan Cancer Unit

Prince Charles Hospital


Merthyr Tydfil

CF47 9DT

Within the hospital, please follow the green and blue signs directing you to the Macmillan Cancer Unit. 

How do I get to the Macmillan Cancer Unit through the hospital?

Enter the hospital via the Rhymney entrance. Walk along the corridor until you see the sign for the Macmillan Cancer Unit on the right hand side above a double door (situated opposite the stairs for maternity).

Where do I park?

There are 11 spaces for parking directly outside the unit.  This is a first come first served system.  We will give you a parking permit on arrival in the Macmillan Cancer Unit to be used for that day.  If the car park is full, you can park in the main car parks of the hospital. 

Can I bring relatives and friends with me to the unit?

You may bring a relative or friend with you to the unit, but we ask that you only have one person with you when you come into the treatment area.  This is due to the problems with enough space around each treatment chair.  Children are not allowed in the treatment area.

What happens when I arrive?

When you enter the Macmillan Cancer Unit, please inform staff of your arrival.  If you have parked outside the unit, you will be given a parking permit to place on your window (this permit is only valid for that day).  We will ask you to have a seat in the waiting area until the nurses are ready to bring you through into the treatment area and commence your treatment.

Will I have food and drink when I am in the unit?

Sandwiches will be provided if your appointment is over the lunchtime period, alongside hot drinks. Water will also be available throughout the day.  Patients are also able to bring their own food and drink and there is a restaurant close to the unit where you can buy food and drink.

Who do I ring if I am unwell at home?

You need to ring Velindre Cancer Centre and ask for the treatment helpline if you are unwell at home. Do not attend the Windsor Suite until you have spoken to the helpline or a member of your oncology team.

Treatment helpline Contact details

Telephone 029 2061 5888 and ask for the treatment helpline. This service is available 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 2TL
Tel: 029 2061 5888