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Macmillan Cancer Unit - Prince Charles

The Macmillan Cancer Unit in Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil was built with the help of money raised by Macmillan Cancer Support and by people in the local area, this was supported by Cwm Taf Local Health Board and Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff.  It opened in June 2010.

The Macmillan Cancer Unit

The unit has a large open treatment area with 11 treatment chairs where patients receive their therapy such as chemotherapy, blood transfusions and other treatments. There is one bed area reserved for a patient who needs to lie down to receive their treatment.  

PICC line insertion:

If you are attending the unit for an insertion of a PICC line, a separate information leaflet about the PICC is available.   

There are outpatient clinics which some doctors use for follow up or new appointments.  Some patients, however, may need to go to Velindre for outpatient appointments, but can still have their treatment in the unit.

The unit is light and spacious with comfortable reclining chairs for you to sit on when you are having your treatment.  There is a pretty garden outside the unit that you may see from the treatment area. 

The garden and patient waiting area.

Who are the staff that will be caring for me in the unit?

The Macmillan Cancer Unit is staffed by experienced nurses from Velindre. Some Velindre doctors come up from Cardiff. 

You will be under the care of Velindre Cancer Centre.  You will not be under the care of Prince Charles Hospital, unless on the rare occasions you need to be admitted overnight into the main hospital.

How do I find the unit?

Our address is: Macmillan Cancer Unit

Prince Charles Hospital
Merthyr Tydfi
CF47 9DT

Within the hospital, please follow the green and blue signs directing you to the Macmillan Cancer Unit.  

How do I get to the Macmillan Cancer Unit through the hospital?

If you come into Prince Charles Hospital through the maternity entrance, you will need to walk up the corridor and look out for a sign for the Macmillan Cancer Unit on the right hand side above a double door.  Go out through the office corridor and the Macmillan Cancer Unit will be open just in front of you.

If you are coming from another part of the hospital, you need to find the restaurant.  About 20 metres past the restaurant, turn left down the corridor until you come to a set of double doors.  Walk through these doors and the Macmillan Cancer Unit will be in front of you.

Where do I park?

There are 11 spaces for parking directly outside the unit. We will give you a parking permit on arrival in the Macmillan Cancer Unit to be used for that day. If the car park is full, you can park in the main car parks of the hospital. 

If you have mobility problems please inform the nursing team. We have wheelchairs at the entrance if required. . If you have parked outside the unit we will give you a parking permit to place on your window (this permit is valid for that day). We will ask you to have a seat in the waiting area.  When the nurses are ready to treat you, a member of staff will collect you or call your name from the waiting area and bring you through into the treatment area.

Can I bring relatives and friends with me to the unit?

You may bring a relative or friend with you to the unit, but we ask that you only have one person with you when you come into the treatment area.  This is due to the problems with enough space around each treatment chair.  Children are not allowed in the treatment area. 

What happens when I arrive?

When you enter the Macmillan Cancer Unit, a volunteer may greet you and take your name. If there isn’t a volunteer, please go into the unit and let a member of the nursing team know you have arrived

Will I have food and drink when I am in the unit?

We provide sandwiches for patients, if your appointment is over the lunchtime period. There are jugs of cold water available. We also offer hot drinks at intervals during the day. You may also bring your own food and drink with you. Please avoid strong smelling food, as this can affect patients if they are feeling sick. In addition, there is a restaurant fairly close to the unit, where you can buy food and drink.

The Macmillan Cancer Unit team consists of:

A clinical lead, clinical sisters, staff nurses, health care assistants and a PICC placer.

The staff from Velindre Cancer Centre often work in the Macmillan Unit.   

Relevant contact numbers: 

Velindre Cancer Centre: 029 20615888, and ask for the relevant department. 

Who do I ring if I am unwell at home?

You need to ring Velindre Cancer Centre, on 029 20615888 and ask for the treatment helpline. 

Please do not come to the Macmillan unit if you are unwell

The treatment helpline will arrange for you to be assessed, where appropriate. 

For information about medication: ring Velindre 029 20316223, and ask for pharmacy dispensary: Monday-Friday, 9-5pm.

If you have a query about your treatment or concern, ring your consultant’s secretary: Velindre , 029 20615888, and ask for your consultant’s secretary. 

For information about counselling, or support, contact Macmillan or  Tenovus: 

Macmillan: Freephone : 0808 808 00 00, Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, or via website:

Tenovus: Freephone cancer support line: Tel: 0808 808 1010, or via website: for general queries about cancer, 

7 days/week, 8am-8pm. 

For more information about cancer, your type of cancer, treatments, management of side-effects, financial support, try the following website:

There are also charities locally that can offer support, complementary therapies, help with transport, etc. : we have separate leaflets with this information. The patient information manager :  can provide you with these leaflets. Telephone: Velindre: 029 20316132, and ask for patient information, or ask at the Macmillan unit when you next come for treatment. 

Other useful contacts: 

Welfare support officer:    Shirley Melly - 01685 726995

Upper GI specialist nurse: Anita Willicombe – 01685 728724, or 01685 721721, pager: 907. 

Breast specialist nurse:     Anne Davies – 01685 728299, or  01685 721721, pager: 511. 

Macmillan community palliative nurses – 01685 728015 or  01685 728309. 

Revised February 2017