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What should I do when I arrive?

When you arrive for your outpatient appointment, please report to outpatient reception 15 minutes before your appointment time. The reception desk is in front of you as you walk in from the car park.  If this is your first visit you may need to register. We may ask you to provide some personal details. All information will remain strictly confidential.

We will give you an appointment card with your personal hospital number on it. Please keep this card safe. This number helps us to find your medical records quickly if you contact us.

After reporting to the reception desk we will ask you to take a seat in the waiting area. If you are attending a clinic that is held in a different part of the hospital we will give directions.

Please allow extra time on your first visit because you may need to have blood tests or x-rays. We will explain these and direct you to the appropriate departments. Please follow the signs and if you are unsure, ask any member of staff.