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What happens to the information held about me?

Information about you, your condition and your treatment is strictly confidential. No information will be given out without your permission, except to other professionals concerned with your care. With your permission, the doctors will usually keep your next of kin informed. Your family doctor will also be kept informed of your progress. 

The Access to Health Records Act (1990) gives you the right to see medical records made about you after 1st November 1991. If you would like to have formal access to your records, please write to the Health Records Manager at Velindre.  The doctors and other staff caring for you are always willing to discuss your illness and treatment and to answer any questions. If you would like to see your medical records, please speak to your doctor.

Letter from the clinic to your GP

In many cases the consultant will write a letter to your GP explaining your attendance at the clinic and any treatment required. It is assumed that you would like your GP to know about your outpatient appointment. If however, you do not want your GP to receive a letter, please let the doctor know.