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Travelling to and from Velindre

You’ll need to arrange for your own transport to and from the hospital (unless you are in receipt of certain benefits as outlined below).

  • If you are on Income Support, Family Credit, Income-based Jobseekers Allowance or Disability Working Allowance, we will reimburse public transport fares (or the cost of petrol). Please ask at the outpatient reception desk. You need to provide evidence of receiving benefit (such as your benefit book) and also evidence of the amount you have paid for your journey.

  • If you are not on Income Support but your income is low, ask for Form HC1 from your local Department of Social Security (DSS), Post Office or the hospital social services department. This may take some weeks to process but back payments of three months or less will be taken into account. When you have received your certificate bring it back as evidence to the outpatient reception desk and you will receive help with your fares. This certificate lasts for 6 months. You will need to re-apply after that.

If you get help with your fares and need an escort to come to the hospital with you, you can claim their fares as well. You will need a letter from your family doctor or hospital doctor to say that you need an escort.