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Strategic Goal 1


Outstanding for quality, safety and experience


    Watch Nicola Williams, Executive Director of Nursing, Allied Health Professionals and Health Science, explain this strategic goal...

    Our objectives are to:

    • Provide harm free care, the best outcomes and a great patient and donor experience

    • Listen to and learn from the experiences patients and donors have of our care to drive continuous improvement

    • Be an organisation which consistently demonstrates Compassionate Leadership in everything we do

    • Be recognised as ‘Outstanding’ by Health Inspectorate Wales, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority and UK and international peers for the services we provide

    We will achieve these by:

    • Implementing the requirements within the Health and Social Care Quality and Engagement Act

    • Implementing a quality and safety management framework which will drive every action we take and decision we make

    • Delivering the national programme for Compassionate Leadership across the organisation

    • Continuing the development of a quality-led culture which drives the highest standards of care and safety, and ensuring all staff live the ethos that ‘the standard you walk past is the standard we set’

    • Getting the basics right by improving access and transport to our services: reducing the need for journeys for care and improving car parking and public transport if you have to visit us

    • Continuing to develop an open, transparent, just and learning culture which allows excellence to flourish

    • Developing a value-based healthcare programme which supports us in reducing unwarranted clinical variation and inefficiencies, using best practice as our benchmark

    • Providing staff with education, training and support to develop improvement skills and knowledge which drive quality and safety standards

    • Developing our performance management framework to report our performance on quality, safety and experience in an uncomplicated way to ensure everyone can easily see how we are doing

    • Benchmarking the quality, safety and experience of our services nationally and internationally to identify learning and improvement