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Velindre Cancer Centre

The name 'Velindre' is derived from Melin, a mill, and Tref, a town or place. The reference to a 'mill' perhaps refered to the Melingriffith Tin Plate works that once operated at the end of Velindre Road.



1947 Plans for a dedicated radiotherapy hospital begin.
1956 Velindre Hospital opens. Two orthovoltage (X-ray therapy) machines and a single ward patient block
1958/59 Facilities for two Cobalt (external beam radiotherapy) machines built
1961 First Linear Accelerator (Linac) installed along with a new library, physics laboratories and diagnostic radiology suite.
1967 Biology laboratories added.
1972 Second Linear Accelerator opened.
1973 Research facility for immunology applied to malignant disease
1974 Accommodation for nurses and changing facilities
1982 A new ward of 28 beds was opened by Princess Margaret, and appropriately named the Princess Margaret Ward
Fully equipped Diagnostic Radiology Unit
New two-storey block  - ground floor providing all pre-treatment preparation. 1st floor for the school of therapeutic radiography and for medical staff.
1992 New Linear Accelerator (Linac 3) opened.
1994 Velindre NHS Trust formed
Velindre Hospital becomes Velindre Cancer Centre
1999 A new radiotherapy reception area and two new Linear Accelerators (Linac 4 and 5) are built.
2001/2 Major changes to front of Centre including new Tenovus Cancer Information Centre, new reception area for patients and visitors, new Centre for Academic and Clinical departments of palliative medicine.
2008 Active Support Unit (ASU) significantly refurbished and officially re-opened by health minister Edwina Hart.
2009 Linear Accelerator (Linac 6) opened by health minister Edwina Hart.
2010 New bunker facility and Linac No.7 and 8 under instruction
2011 Linear Accelerator (Linac 7) opened.
2013 Funding for new Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) announced by Welsh Assembly
Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 2TL
Tel: 029 2061 5888