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Volunteering at Velindre

Please be aware that during the COVID pandemic are volunteer service is on hold.

Volunteers are invaluable to Velindre Cancer Centre and the NHS. They contribute significantly in enhancing and personalising the services we offer.

 “I love volunteering for Velindre. They make me feel valued and useful and I know I am doing something worthwhile.”

“Feel valued, learn new skills, meet new friends, help others, make a difference”—

these are just some of the reasons people volunteer for Velindre.

Currently over 50 volunteers contribute more than 14,000 hours of unpaid work each year.

Our staff and patients truly appreciate their hard work and dedication. Without the support of our volunteers many people and services would be affected! 

Who can volunteer?

Everyone has something to offer whatever their age or background. Volunteers come from all areas of South Wales. Ages range from 20’s through to 80+.  People volunteer for many reasons but perhaps the biggest reason is simply to help others. Others volunteer because they are interested in a career in healthcare or want to gain experience. Some simply because they want to give something back. Whatever your reasons, you'll find Velindre has something to offer you.

We welcome applications from people with a range of abilities. Our aim is to create an environment where you can achieve your full potential.

In addition to offering time, our volunteers also fundraise throughout the year. This includes various fayres, sponsored events.

Monies raised by volunteers make a vital contribution to Velindre. We can purchase important medical equipment and support research into cancers, their cure and management. They also pay for facilities such as the equipping and maintaining the family and children’s rooms that help enhance visitors stay in the hospital.

Velindre Hospital volunteers are a fantastic team who give their time and energy selflessly. Our volunteers always work with a positive attitude and a friendly ear. They stand out by providing support every week of the year and their dedication helps Velindre maintain its reputation as a special, caring place within the community.

Carole Jacobi - Volunteer co-ordinator

Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 2TL
Tel: 029 2061 5888