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Cancer - What is it?

What is cancer?


Cancer makes you feel ill.

Image of worried person on sofa 

You can get cancer in any part of your body. 

any part of your body image

You can get cancer at any age.

People of any age group image

You may have a lump.

Image of lump in arm

You may bleed when you’re not meant to.

Image depicting someone with blood on handkerchief

You may go to the toilet more often.

Image of a toilet

Tell someone you trust.

Talking to someone you trust image

You will have had some tests.

Blood testing image

There are lots of treatments.

Image of a CT scanner 

Your doctor will tell you what the best treatment is for you.

Image of doctor talking to patient

You can say no to treatment.

Image of someone refusing treatment

This leaflet is the first of a 3-part series:
1. What is cancer?
2. Radiotherapy scan at Velindre hospital
3. Radiotherapy at Velindre hospital

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