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Dignity Code

Dignity Forum

Our 'Dignity Forum' is group of staff with a collective passion for promoting dignity and respectful care for all patients and their families when accessing services within Velindre Cancer Centre.

The group was formed when one of our nurses, was inspired by the Royal College of Nursing dignity campaign and the Welsh Assembly Government’s fundamentals of care initiative.

Our forum consists of staff from each clinical department and supporting departments such as operational services and management. The Patient Liaison Group (PLG) and Friends of Velindre also endorse the dignity work contributing valuable views and advice back to staff. The group formed in October 2009 and meet quarterly to discuss dignity issues.

Dignity Code Stop character image

The dignity code arose from 4 observations of care carried out by members of the dignity group. The observations highlighted key clinical practice/issues that would need to be addressed.

One key observations of care was that members of staff entered cubicles without ‘knocking and waiting’. Patients behind curtains had even less privacy as there was no signage and less physical barriers.

The dignity code is a simple concept based on the universally recognized green cross code (stop, look, listen)

The red traffic light symbol provides a visual picture reminding staff to stop, look and listen before accessing an environment where care is being given.

Therefore the dignity code is:

Dignity Code traffic light image

  • Stop!

  • Look for the sign indicating privacy is needed

  • Listen for the invitation to enter.

An official launch day was held for staff to advertise the widespread promotion of the code. Our aim is to firmly embed the principles amongst staff throughout the centre for the benefit of patients and relatives.

The launch also celebrated other initiatives and work streams.

Other Dignity Group workstreams include

Larger name badges for clinical staff including job titles- easier for patients to identify correct member of staff

Dignity issues added to Datix- Dignity incidents and complaints to be investigated by the group and lessons learnt

Review and purchase of new Dignity Gowns for patients throughout the hospital

Linking in with the Older People’s Commissioner report and ensuring the Dignity Agenda is carried forward, with the support of the executive board

Up and coming: Address dignity issues surrounding the washing of soiled clothes/gowns.

Addressing the issue of loneliness on the wards- potentially linking in with volunteers to help support isolated patients.

Velindre wish to thank the 'Friends of Velindre' for their help in supporting this initiative. If you have any comments regarding Patient Dignity at Velindre please get in touch via the feedback form on this site, we would love to hear your views.
FOV-logo  Velindre 'Dignity Code' is supported by the Friends of Velindre.

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