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Velindre wants you to get involved in the next stage of designing the greenest hospital in the UK

It is estimated that around 230,000 people in Wales will be living with cancer by 2030 and Velindre Cancer Centre has a proud history of delivering excellent cancer services, treatment and care to the patient population of south east Wales. 

However, the current Velindre Cancer Centre is over 65 years old and simply does not have the facilities or space to meet this future challenge. The pandemic and the impact in its aftermath has only consolidated the Trust’s view that it needs to act now. 
So where are we now?

Over the coming months, Velindre will start the competition to build the new cancer centre. As it prepares for this next stage, we are asking for feedback from the public on the updated reference design and continuing the conversation about the benefits the project could deliver for the local community. 

The feedback gathered will be included in the information pack provided to bidders at the very start of the process. As part of the competition, the bidders will be expected to deliver their own version of the new centre’s design, drawing on or improving the established reference design. Velindre expects the designs to reflect the ambition of the design principles it aims to achieve – a building that makes people feel good, is strong and long-lasting and functions well as a cancer centre.

We also want the development of the new cancer centre to generate genuine community benefits for Whitchurch, embracing the social, economic and environmental opportunities the project presents. 
David Powell, project director for the new Velindre Cancer Centre said, “The design process is a key part of the next stage for the project and gathering the thoughts of our patients, their families, carers, staff and community is a critical part of that process. Without it, we may have an updated reference design, but we would not have the ability to build the heart into the cancer centre. We want to talk to as many partners and interested parties as possible so that the project team can listen and learn from the community. 

“The project not only aspires to be the greenest hospital in the UK, but we want to ensure that it is an inspiring workplace for our dedicated, professional staff to thrive, as well as becoming a focal point for international research and be a place that benefits the local community.

“It is the amazing work of Velindre that drives this project and why we are encouraging everyone to add their voice to the design process, so that we can deliver a new cancer centre that we can all be proud of and is a state-of-the-art facility which is able to treat more people and help them to live longer.”

What happens next? How people can get involved.

Velindre is encouraging as many people as possible to take part in the digital conversation which is being delivered in collaboration with the team at Down to Earth Project who have a 16-year track record in providing life changing healthcare and education programmes. 

The digital conversation survey can be completed through the Fit for the Future website: 

Mark McKenna, founder of Down to Earth added, “We are delighted to be working with the new Velindre Cancer Centre project team to support their plans. As a social enterprise, we work with organisations designing and developing a new approach to their healthcare delivery through nature-based solutions, so that it creates an urban and rural built environment infrastructure which is fit for the future. For us, it’s about creating an infrastructure which is good for people and good for the planet.”

Velindre and Down to Earth will be hosting engagement events that will provide further details relating to the updated reference design, as well as how people can get involved: 

  • Online workshop 1, Monday 28 June at 09:00 
  • Online workshop 2, Friday 2 July at 12:00  
  • Online workshop 3, Thursday 8 July at 18:00  

The events will be hosted through the Velindre University NHS Trust Zoom channel and it is advised to register in advance of the event, to enable language preference – Welsh or English – to be delivered equally where required. Interested parties can email for more information.