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Our future, Our strategy 2032

Get involved with our strategy 2032

What’s important to people living with cancer? What are the challenges facing blood collection in the short and longer term? How should we respond to the wellbeing challenges championed by Welsh Government and Future Generations Commissioner?  Our organisational strategy comes to an end this year and we want to build a new one that reflects your aspirations. 

We want the strategy to set out the difference we want to make to the health and wellbeing of the people of Wales. It should show how we will play our part in improving cancer, blood and transplantation services for the greater Welsh good. 

Read the proposed mission, vision and strategic goals here.

What is a strategy and why do we need one? 

A strategy is a statement of who we are and what we’re working towards. It covers our mission which explains what makes us distinctive and where we fit in the wider national and international context, and a vision describing where we want our organisation to be in the future. Through our goals, we will set a clear direction and focus for how we make decisions, prioritise and work together so that by 2032, our vision becomes our new normal. 

Why should I get involved? 

We have decided that the process of developing the strategy is as important as the strategy itself – so we want to create it with you, our service users. It’s the right time to do this as we have learned so many lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to capture your good ideas and suggestions for improvements.

So how can I get involved? 

We had planned to arrange face-to-face meetings and opportunities for pop-up sessions but that’s difficult right now with Covid restrictions. Instead, we’re going to take advantage of technology to ensure you have an opportunity to contribute. We’ve pulled together a short video explaining the purpose of the exercise that leads into a series of questions we’d like you to consider.

We’re asking everyone to contribute by filling in the survey here by 10 September at the latest, so we can start working on the next phase of the strategy.

What will happen next? 

We’ll collate the feedback, evaluate, put some finishing touches to the strategy before launching later in the year. 

Please do get in touch if you want to access the content differently or need help.
Finally, don’t forget – we need your responses by 03 September at the latest. 

For the survey please click here