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Good News

We’ve had very positive feedback from the independent review team who’ve been assessing our Transforming Cancer Services in South East Wales Programme.

The team of four reviewers say the Programme is recognised as a unique opportunity to make a real difference to cancer service delivery, with improved patient outcomes. There is strong support from our partners and politicians for the Programme vision of putting the patient at the centre of services.
Nigel Elias, who is Head of the Integrated Assurance Hub at Welsh Government, led the team. Other members were Kerry Alexander, of the Scottish Futures Trust, and two clinicians, Martin Rolles, Consultant Oncologist/Cancer Clinical Lead, at Abertawe  Bro Morgannwg ULHB and Consultant Physician Ian Williamson from Aneurin Bevan ULHB.

Among the recommendations made by the team were:

  • To undertake further work to provide further detail about the Hub and Spoke model of  service delivery
  • Step up engagement with partners and stakeholders
  • Increase resources to deliver the Programme

Steve Ham, Chief Executive of Velindre NHS Trust and the senior responsible officer for the Programme said: “I’m pleased that four independent reviewers  have made recommendations which will help us clarify and work out some issues. Most importantly, I want to thank everyone who has already contributed to the vision of how cancer services care might look in Wales in the future. It’s a real vote of confidence in the ability of Velindre to deliver a project which puts patients at the heart of services, and  will be a first for Wales.”
Source: Velindre Cancer Centre