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When will families hear the outcomes of the investigations?

When a patient safety incident is reported internally by NHS staff, there will be occasions when patients and families are initially unaware that an incident has occurred.  In these instances, the Regulations and PTR requires organisations to assess the incident, and inform families of those incidents that have caused “moderate harm” or above. Patients and/or their families should be invited to contribute to investigations in these instances.  There is no requirement for organisations to contact patients or families when “no or low harm” has occurred.  This does not affect the rights of any person to raise a concern about care and treatment, which will be investigated in accordance with NHS Wales’ complaint handling arrangements. 

PTR guides organisations on what to do depending on the outcome of the investigation.  Some investigations will inevitably result in offers of redress (financial compensation) under the PTR process, and/or legal claims for compensation, which will be managed in line with long standing NHS Wales arrangements.