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What if complaints have been referred to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (PSOW)?

A complaint is normally made to the PSOW in circumstances where a complainant remains dissatisfied with a response from NHS organisations, either in regard to the internal investigation finding, and/or the handling of the complaint.  When a complaint is made directly to the PSOW, the usual process is that the Ombudsman’s office will ask the NHS organisation to explain what investigations have been conducted to date and whether a ‘final response’ has been issued.  This is primarily because the Ombudsman will require NHS organisations to have had the opportunity to investigate and respond before they consider a case and whether to intervene.

Where the PSOW has already decided to investigate a complaint, NHS organisations will stop internally led investigations, and instead provide all required information to the PSOW. 

However, the person raising the complaint will need to decide whether they want the PSOW to continue their investigation.  Patients and or families/representatives can also discuss directly with the relevant NHS organisation using the contact details below.