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Does the Framework cover harm or deaths of people in care homes from nosocomial COVID-19?

The Framework applies to all cases of healthcare caught COVID-19 infections, which occurred during NHS funded care.  This includes individuals who were transferred from hospital into a social care or private setting and subsequently test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of leaving hospital.  

The Regulations, which apply to the healthcare sector, are not however applicable to the social care sector where COVID-19 infections were caught in social care or private care home.  The social care sector does not have an equivalent law that requires investigations into cases of social care caught COVID-19, in the way that the healthcare sector are required to.  Application of the framework becomes more complex when people in receipt of commissioned NHS funded care, contract COVID-19 in other non NHS Wales care settings, such as care homes, private facilities, and other non-NHS providers outside of Wales.  There is work underway with the social care sector to help gather learning from the pandemic, particularly in relation to the Social Care incident management responses to outbreaks of COVID-19.

The national framework is currently being updated to provide further clarity in relation to how patients who caught COVID-19 through the provision of commissioned care, including social care settings are to be handled.  However, below is a list of examples which would be within scope of the framework if it is assessed the patient caught COVID-19 through the delivery of NHS funded care, regardless of where their death subsequently occurred:

  • Caught COVID-19 through provision of healthcare in hospital and died in hospital
  • Caught COVID-19 through the provision of NHS healthcare in the community and died in hospital
  • Caught COVID-19 in hospital but died at home or care home following discharge/transfer
  • Caught COVID-19  in hospital and discharged but died of healthcare acquired COVID-19 following readmission to hospital
  • COVID-19 listed on any part of the death certificate if considered healthcare caught