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How will health boards and trusts contact affected patients and families?

Organisations will use different methods to contact patients and families.  Some organisations will write, whilst others may make telephone contact first, before following up with letters.

Once initial contact has been made, patients and families will be given a single point of contact who will remain their contact throughout the process.  All patients and/or families/representatives will receive a final outcome letter explaining the investigation undertaken and the outcome of that investigation.

Who do I contact to ask if I or a relative are part of the programme?

You can contact the relevant organisation at any time using the contact details below

When will patients and families who have not previously had contact, be made aware they are subject to an investigation.

Organisations are actively identifying all cases which require investigation in order to communicate with that person using last known contact details.  Where a patient is known to be deceased, the process includes the identification of family members or other appropriate contacts.  Organisations will use information held on their systems regarding next of kin or other nominated contacts from the last episode of care to support this.

What happens if the next of kin details have changed since the incident?

Health bodies will make all reasonable enquiries to establish the next of kin (NOK) or nominated point of contact, often using details recorded during the last episode of care.  Organisations will triangulate information held through different services they provide to be able to make contact.