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D - Dynamic

We will:

  1. Be adaptable and able work effectively with a variety of situations, individuals and groups.
  2. Demonstrate flexibility and agility, and not be unduly delayed or stopped by the unexpected
  3. Open to new ideas and listen to other people’s points of view
  4. Demonstrate willingness to change our ideas or perceptions based on new information or contrary evidence
  5. Remain focused on strategic priorities when faced with competing demands
  6. Make pragmatic reasonable adjustments to ensure maximum effectiveness and motivation of ourselves and others
  7. Change our overall plan, goal or project to fit the situation
  8. Create and support dynamism by ensuring our processes and procedures don’t block quick turnaround and flexibility
  9. Weigh up costs and benefits impartially
  10. Think laterally, creatively and collaboratively to resolve problems 
  11. Be willing to investigate options in depth, even when they are the ideas of others
  12. Adjust schedules, tasks, and priorities when necessary
  13. Anticipate and change strategy before the current method proves to be ineffective
  14. Proactively identify and take action to achieve standards of excellence
  15. Look for ways to improve services, add value and contribute new ideas
  16. Plan ahead for upcoming problems or opportunities and takes appropriate action
  17. Recognise and act upon opportunities
  18. Exhibit a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and accomplishing work
  19. Respond flexibly to changing circumstances
  20. Demonstrate openness to changing work priorities and deadlines
  21. Use change as an opportunity to improve ways of working, encouraging others’ buy-in

It does not mean that we can:

  1. Ignore our colleagues view
  2. Be unrealistic in our goals
  3. Be unaware of the impact of change on others
  4. Be resistant to change and trying new things
  5. Rush change or change for change sake
  6. Do it all ourselves