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C - Caring

We will:

  1. Be dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal colleagues and external donors/patients
  2. Take pride in delivering a high quality service
  3. Treat all people, both colleagues and service users, with dignity and respect
  4. Avoid making statements that may offend or hurt others
  5. Consistently communicate even the most difficult messages in a sensitive and supportive manner without compromising on the meaning of the message 
  6. Consider and respects different opinions, styles, and ways of working 
  7. Ask questions to identify the needs or expectations of others
  8. Consider the impact on colleagues, donors and patients when carrying out our own job 
  9. Work to remove barriers that get in the way of providing a high quality service
  10. Seek feedback from others to assess satisfaction with service being provided
  11. Continuously monitor service delivery and act promptly to resolve any problems
  12. Endeavour to respond to phone calls and emails promptly; update voice messages and email notification when we’re going to be absent from the workplace for more than one half day, advising alternative contact where possible
  13. Be punctual and fully prepared for meetings

It does not mean we that we are allowed to:

  1. Not deliver the task
  2. Avoid difficult decisions