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B - Bold

We will:

  1. Take calculated risks to achieve goals
  2. Challenge ourselves and others to consistently improve and achieve “stretch” goals
  3. Push forward with important initiatives in the face of uncertainty
  4. Move ahead without always requiring a consensus
  5. Make recommendations that challenge the status-quo
  6. Step forward with a position of principle even when there is ambiguity regarding the facts
  7. Give people the feedback they need even in difficult situations
  8. Support others who take calculated risks to achieve Velindre NHS Trust goals
  9. Take responsibility and stays focused on problems until an effective solution can be found
  10. Make decisions through weighing up the cost-benefit and risk implications
  11. Take decisions as necessary on the basis of the information available
  12. Make decisions without unnecessarily referring to others
  13. Involve and consult with internal and external stakeholders early in decisions that impact them
  14. Identify potential barriers to decision making and initiates action to move a situation forward
  15. Be aware of the Trust’s decision making processes and how to use them
  16. Propose options for solutions to presented problem
  17. Demonstrate resilience against challenges and obstacles

We will not:

  1. Be impulsive or rash
  2. Ignore the fact
  3. Pass responsibility for decisions inappropriately to others
  4. Make decisions without discussing them with those they will affect, or without clear rationale or consideration of their impact
  5. Take an unimaginative or narrow approach to solving problems