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A - Accountable

We will:

  1. Complete all assigned tasks on time and with minimal supervision
  2. Fulfil all commitments made to peers, co-workers, supervisors, and customers
  3. Admit mistakes, misjudgements, or errors; immediately inform others when unable to meet a commitment
  4. Take personal responsibility for seeing efforts through to completion and/or tough decisions, etc
  5. Accept full responsibility for our contribution as a team member
  6. Display honesty and truthfulness 
  7. Follow through and meet personal commitments to others on time
  8. Take our responsibilities seriously and consistently 
  9. Present ourselves with professionalism and credibility
  10. Express concern for doing things better and producing quality work
  11. Acknowledge responsibility for failures and mistakes
  12. Set and maintains high performance standards for self and others that support the Trust’s strategic plan
  13. Manage our time well in order to complete tasks on time and with high quality
  14. Assume responsibility for results of own actions and their impact on the work group/department
  15. Complete assignments without the need for prompting from our supervisor or others
  16. Successfully complete most tasks independently but ask for additional support, as appropriate, when faced with unfamiliar tasks or situations

It does not mean that we can:

  1. Use our position to delay decisions
  2. Ignore the contributions of colleagues
  3. Disempower colleagues